When it comes to Display Vision International’s work, it’s not just the results that are future-oriented: For your sake and the sake of the environment, we ensure that all our processes are created as sustainably as possible.

We believe that companies need to assume responsibility. Therefore, the topic of sustainability is not just an empty slogan for us; instead, it serves as our corporate philosophy. Display Vision International's trade show and exhibit services are designed to be as sustainable as possible and we are constantly improving our materials, our logistics and more.

Modular, user-friendly, reusable: exhibition services by Display Vision International

Together with our clients, we map out reusable and eco-friendly solutions for their trade show appearances wherever feasible. This ranges from modular and custom-made booth building to our portable displays in terms of pop-ups and bannerstands, which can be repeatedly used for years. When it comes to modular systems, we rely primarily on elements made of aluminum. These reusable components have a decades-long life span without losing any of their quality. In addition, they produce reduced emissions during transport due to their light weight. To be able to maintain this standard abroad, our international network also utilizes these uniform and modular elements.

Consciously planning, sustainably convincing

Together with furniture and custom-made products from our extensive warehouse, these individual parts form the base of our concepts. This responsible use of resources results in contemporary exhibit booths built with up to 95% of reusable materials. In doing so, the aluminum systems leave a carbon footprint that is only half as high as that of comparable wooden constructions. With this approach, we are able to protect not only the environment but also your budget. With regard to custom-made booth building, our philosophy is "everything is possible". This allows us to find solutions that are even more individually tailored to your needs than a modular system. In order to also operate sustainably in this field and yet remain as cost-effective as possible for our clients, we aim for repeated usage of these booths. After all, the responsible management of resources is very close to our hearts. Within this area of work, hybrid booths, i.e. a mixture of modular and custom-built systems, are a popular option.

Your international trade show participation, designed sustainably on all levels

However, there is more to sustainability than just materials: On a social level, we focus on an approach that guarantees short distances, a broad range of knowledge and satisfied employees. We also support children's homes and education programs in Ghana, Nepal, and India through regular donations. For those, we partner with charitable organizations such as Madamfo Ghana e.V. and the Namaste Welfare Trust e.V.


We employ staff from the region on a permanent basis and provide them with ongoing training. We also prefer to work with local partner companies and suppliers and invest in the next generation through apprentices.


Freelancers relieve the travel time of our permanent colleagues on site. As members of a global partner network, we also implement ecologically and economically sustainable projects overseas, while remaining a reliable point of contact for you during the course of the project.